Give your suits a custom made home of their own and have everything you need in one place when getting suited up.


The Limatus Makers Closet features:

   • Capacity for 6 Suits and 3 pairs of shoes*.

   • LED Lighting to highlight your suits and shoes.

   • Custom routed catch all - Ours features a cut out for a gun.

   • Integrated wireless charger, for your phone or accessories.

   • Two velvet lined soft close drawers for shirts, ties, cufflinks and watches.

   • Smoked acrylic door inserts.

$1,700 As Built 

LED Lighting

Low Voltage LED Lighting allows you to see your custom suits and shoes when you are picking them out. 

Custom Cutouts

We can cut out any shape into your catch all shelf.  

Wireless Charger

Set your phone down for a charge while you get dressed or wirelessly charge your accessories before you go out. 

Smoked Acrylic

Smoked Acrylic Looks Black and Opaque when the LED Lighting is off but allows a nice silhouette to show off your suits and shoes when the lights are on and the doors are closed.  


The drawers and catch all shelf are lined in soft velvet to protect your valuables. 

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